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Ranitidine Cápsula

Informação básica

Modelo:  CPS0008

Descrição do produto

Modelo: CPS0008 Modo de Uso: Para administração oral Estado: Sólido Tipo: Produtos Biológicos Aplicação: Medicina Interna Apropriado para: Idosos, Crianças, Adulto Forma: Cápsulas Tecnologia Farmacêutica: Síntese Química
Ranitidine cápsula

Para o tratamento de úlcera duodenal, úlcera gástrica, esofagite de refluxo, Zhuo-Ai, Zollinger-Ellison & gt; Síndrome e outras doenças de secreção ácida elevada & período;


Ranitidine capsule


its contents as off-white or light yellow powder.


shading, sealed and stored in a dry place.


for the treatment of duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, reflux esophagitis, Zhuo - Ai (Zollinger-Ellison) syndrome and other high acid secretion disorders.


1. Orally, 150mg (first one), 2 times a day, or one 300mg (first two), before going to bed one time.
2. Maintenance treatment: Orally, 150mg (once a), 1 night.
3. Severe kidney disease, prolonged half-life of ranitidine, the dose should be reduced to a 75mg (once half a tablet) 2 times a day.
4. Treatment Zhuo - Ai (Zollinger-Ellison) syndrome, to use a lot, day 600 ~ 1200mg (day 4 ~ 8).

Adverse reactions

1. Common are nausea, rash, constipation, fatigue, headaches, and dizziness.
2. Compared with cimetidine, damage kidney function, adverse effects of gonadal function, and central nervous lighter.
3. After taking a small number of patients caused mild hepatic dysfunction, withdrawal symptoms disappear, liver function returned to normal. Department had suspected drug allergies, regardless of the amount of the drug.
4. Sustainable long-term use because of reduced gastric acidity, and is conducive to the breeding of bacteria in the stomach, so that the inner food reduce nitrate to nitrite, the formation of N- nitroso compounds.


Children under 8 years old is disabled. Pregnant and lactating women disabled.


1. Suspected cancerous ulcer, should be preceded by a clear diagnosis, to avoid delays in treatment
2. Have a certain toxicity to the liver, but can be restored after the withdrawal.
3. Liver dysfunction and elderly patients, and occasionally disorientation, lethargy, anxiety and other mental state after medication.
4. Liver and kidney dysfunction in patients with caution.
5. Feminization of male breast rare, its incidence rises with increasing age.
6. Can reduce the absorption of vitamin B12, long-term use can cause B12 deficiency.
7. Who are allergic to the chemicals were banned.

Geriatric Use

reduced liver and kidney function in the elderly, in order to ensure drug safety, dosage should be adjusted.

Drug interactions

1. After hepatic metabolism of warfarin, lidocaine, etc. Ng with the plasma concentration of ranitidine does not rise and appear toxicity.
2. And anticoagulants, antiepileptics Ng time than cimetidine safe.
3. And procainamide and used to make procainamide clearance rate.
4. Can reduce the hepatic blood flow, and thus with lidocaine metabolism of hepatic blood flow by large influence of the drug combination, can delay the effects of these drugs.

Pharmacology and toxicology

1. Pharmacology Ranitidine competitive blocking histamine H2 receptor binding effect. Inhibition of gastric acid, on a molar basis as cimetidine 5 times to 12 times. So as potent H2 receptor blockers.
2. Toxicology mouse oral LD501440 ~ 1750mg / Kg. 5 weeks of continuous oral daily maximum non-toxic dose, rats (male) of 500mg / Kg, rat (female) 250mg / Kg, the dog was 40mg / Kg. 26 weeks of continuous daily maximum nontoxic dose, rats 100mg / Kg, the dog is 40mg / Kg. Mouse oral 100 ~ 200mg / Kg up to 114 weeks, rat oral 100 ~ 2000mg / Kg up to 129 weeks, showed no carcinogenic effects.

Grupo de Produto : Cápsulas

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